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Accelerate time-to-market for Rapid, Quantitative, Assay-based (RQA) diagnostic tests

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how It Works

Launch RQA diagnostics in any industry

HueDx is a Rapid, Quantitative, Assay-based (RQA) test development and launch platform that eliminates the need to develop physical devices and software to launch an RQA product. In doing so, HueDx makes the accessibility of launching flagship or complimentary diagnostics accessible to companies that would not normally consider the undertaking and dramatically reduces costs for industry veterans.

Our Vision

We're leading the future of diagnostics

The HueDx platform evolves the standard of diagnostics to a simple, portable HueCard and phone combination. This shifts the paradigm of diagnostics from complicated laboratory machines and trained technicians to anyone, anywhere, with no training, in seconds, accessing lab-grade quantitative answers.

Step 1

Develop your assay in weeks using the HueCloud

Our API machine vision tool suite reduces the scientific resources required to develop colorimetric assays— often from 100's of unique experiments down to less than 15. Upload photos of your experiments and receive critical statistical viability grades in seconds, not weeks.

Step 2

Integrate your assay with HueCard

Let us know the unique assays you'd like in your own branded HueCard. Place simple POs for your HueCard inventory, and you're ready to launch your RQA diagnostic.

Step 3

Launch your RQA diagnostic

After integrating your assays to your company's specially-configured HueCard, immediately receive quantitative measurements of your assays by simply uploading photos to the HueCloud via a simple-to-use API.


Applications across industries

Effective RQA diagnostics benefit many industries— from medicine, agriculture, industrial manufacturing, veterinary science, water analysis, and more. Ask about what kinds of RQA diagnostics your business would benefit from.

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Blood panels, urine tests, and more can be used to compliment an existing health-related product.
Soil assays for agriculture are used everyday for optimizing crop growth and preventing waste.
Food Processing
Quality control assays for food processing usually require a lab. Launch an RQA for your food-science vertical!
Industrial Applications
Chemical indicators for industrial applications are critical for manufacturing and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HueDx develop the assays I need, or do I develop them myself?
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Why is a quantitative rapid diagnostic superior to a qualitative diagnostic like a COVID test?
After the assays I need are developed, then what?
How do I launch my own white labeled HueCard product?
Who manufactures my HueCards?
Does HueDx also develop and sell its own RQA diagnostics?
Who owns the data produced by the HueDx platform?
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